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Ground Beef

Milanesi Farms - Anderson, SC

Meat Suppliers and Akaushi Cattle near Anderson, South Carolina

If you live in the Anderson, South Carolina area, you are in close proximity to a wholesale beef supplier that carries some of the highest quality meats in the world. The name of the company is Milanesi Farms, and we are the only Akaushi beef supplier in South Carolina. This unique and delicious beef is usually two to three grades above prime beef because our cows are pasture fed and hormone and additive free. It has the lowest cholesterol of any kind of meat and is high in omega three and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

The health benefits of high levels of CLA include weight loss, immune system improvement, removal of LDL from your arteries, and it reduces the risk of heart disease as well as type two diabetes. Even more than being good for you, it tastes great, too!

When you’re ready to purchase our pasture fed beef, be sure and save room in your freezer, because as of right now we are only selling quarter, half and whole cows. Of course with the purchase of your pasture fed meat, you will get the slaughter and butchering of the animal and vacuum sealing so it can last in your freezer for up to two years.

You will have the opportunity prior to the butchering to let the butcher know exactly how you would like your meat cut. You can request how thick you would like your steaks, how much of it you want as a roast, and the amount of ground beef that will suit your needs. When it is completed, you can come and pick it up yourself or we can deliver it right to your door within 200 miles

When you’re ready to have the best Kobe style beef in the Anderson, South Carolina area and the rest of the world, be sure you call Milanesi Farms at (864) 372-9040.

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