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Milanesi Farms - Greenville, SC

Local Pasture Fed Beef and Wholesale Meat Suppliers near Greenville, South Carolina

There’s a wholesale beef supplier near Greenville, SC that raises some of the best Kobe style beef in the country. It’s called Milanesi Farms, and they are located in Pelzer, South Carolina. If you’re looking for pasture fed beef that is considered one of the highest quality meats in the world, simply give them a call at (864) 372-9040, and place your order.

We don’t sell individual cuts of meat, so be prepared to fill your freezer with a quarter, half or whole cow, and since our Akuashi beef can stay frozen for up to two years, you will always have the best pasture fed meat available at all times. All of our orders are custom cut to your specifications, so you can tell the butcher exactly what you want, like the thickness of your steaks and how many roasts.

Akaushi beef is so special and unique that it is patented and verified through DNA testing. The reason this confirmation is so important is because you want to ensure that you’re receiving exactly what you’re paying for and getting all the health benefits that comes with it.

Some of the benefits include the lowest cholesterol of any kind of meat including chicken and fish. It is high in omega three and conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA). High levels of CLA contributes to weight loss, improves the immune system, helps fight cancer, and reduces the risk of type two diabetes and heart disease.

Even more than health benefits, Akaushi beef is delicious and fork cutting tender. This result occurs because our cows are pasture-fed, additive and hormone free, and live stress-free, happy lives.

As the only meat suppliers in South Carolina that sells Akaushi beef, take the short trip from Greenville, SC and visit Milanesi Farms, today.

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