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For the best beef wholesale company in the Pelzer, South Carolina area, the only place you should call is Milanesi Farms at (864) 372-9040. We are the only meat suppliers in South Carolina that raises Akaushi beef, the premium breed of Wagyu beef. Our cows are pasture fed, hormone free with no additives, and live a stress free life in order to reach perfection. It has the lowest cholesterol of any kind of meat including chicken or fish, and is high in omega three and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

The high levels of CLA have significant health benefits including weight loss, improvement to the immune system, helps to fight cancer, and reduces the risk of heart disease and type-two diabetes. Akaushi beef not only helps to remove LDL from your arteries, but it is also fork cutting tender.

NOW AVAILABLE are 1/4 cuts and individual cuts of beef.

The prices are based on the hanging weight and include the slaughtering, butchering and vacuum sealing. Since the meat will stay perfect inside of a freezer for up to two years, you will always have the world’s best beef on hand at all times.

When you purchase our local organic grass fed beef, the butcher will take the steer to the slaughterhouse, where it will be hung for three weeks. In that time, a USDA inspector will inspect the meat, while you have the opportunity to discuss with the butcher exactly how you want your meat cut. Each order is custom to your specifications, so you can tell the butcher how many inches you want your steaks, how many pounds of hamburger, and how much roast.

When you’re looking for the best Akaushi cattle, and wholesale meats near you, the only place in Pelzer, South Carolina area, or all of South Carolina for that matter, is Milanesi Farms at (864) 372-9040.

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